Color Chart

Tearstone Graphics Color Chart

This chart of colors represents what we currently have in stock. Based on various factors, such as the type of display you could be using these colors are approximate and not necessarily an exact likeness. Some of these are scanned in directly from our stock or some were adjusted to appear as close to real life as possible.

Need a color we do not have or have more specific questions about what we carry? Please contact us.

Premium Cast Vinyl

  • Durable up to 10 years for black and white.
  • Durable up to 8 years for color.
  • 2 mil premium cast, ideal for vehicle applications.
  • Permanent adhesive, top quality shape stability.

Premium Cast Metallic

  • Durable up to 6 years outdoors.
  • Ultra high gloss.
  • 2Mil thickness, ideal for vehicle applications
  • Permanent adhesive.

Special Cast Vinyl

  • Durable up to 7 year outdoor, 3Mil Frosted Glass, Reduced gloss finish to prevent reflection
  • Durable 5 year, 5 Mil, Carbon Fiber
  • Permanent Adhesive