Free Decals!

Free Decals!

As you know we offer the “Decal of the Day” everyday, we want input from our TG patrons and you could earn free decals. When we drive around or surfing the internet, we are always coming across new ideas for the decal of the day and sometimes we just fall short. We want suggestions on new products that we can offer and something you want to purchase. Make a suggestion, if we add it to our site, we will give you the decal for free!

Please understand we want all suggestions and we will try to get each one listed. But sometimes it is not within our means to add it to our product line. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Suggest a specific decal or suggest a theme or suite of decals we can offer.
Since we cater to a large audience, we ask that the decal not be too niche specific, for example, Honda owners, Mitsubishi Owners, etc…
We are a family friendly storefront, please no derogatory messages. Such as “Gas for @$$”. Please use our custom decal request form for these types of requests.

Everyone Wins!

If we use your suggestion, you get the decal for free when it goes on sale. We will contact you for your information.
If you make a suggestion and we don’t use it, you will receive a 10% off your next purchase. We will send you an email with your discount code. (Limit one per customer)

Once a decal become a “Decal of the Day,” it does become a permanent item for future customers to buy at our regular price. You are the reason why we do what we do. By bringing you a high standard decal, that you can enjoy for many years.

Fill out the form below today as we are always looking for suggestions!

  • Please attach either a .jpg or .png file.
  • We want to make sure you are real!

Thank you very much!